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27.5" mountain bikes

Who's moved up to a 27.5"/650b mountain bike format recently? What do you think?
Sports Member

Re: 27.5" mountain bikes

Hi I have moved up to 27.5 wheels and there is a difference in handling but not a lot. 

I did read a report that 27.5 wheels are slower of the three sizes available but they are the in size now. 

Decathlon Employee

Re: 27.5" mountain bikes

Tried out the Rockrider 520 at the weekend. First time on 27.5 inch wheels so was able to compare it against last year's Rockrider 500 with the 26 inch wheels. First impressions? The bigger wheels roll better on and off road. much preferred the handling on the 27.5 inch wheels makes it a completely different bike which with the newly designed frame it is!

Sports Member

Re: 27.5" mountain bikes

Hi just reading the post about wheels, 27.5 not the slowest, but depends how you categorise slow. Realistically the smaller the wheel the slower per pedal revolution it will roll, this is because of the circumference principal.

I ride 26 and 29 and the 29 is the faster aka road racer wheel size approximately.

So on this 27.5 is faster than 26.

Speed however may be rolling over obstacle again the 29 crosses obstacles easier due to angle and entry.

Yet the 26 handles quicker which on tight tracks can be translated to speed gain this was why the 27.5 was introduced to give compromise of both.

Sorry bit long winded didn't want to miss possible valuable information

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