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B'TWIN "TRIBAN 500" & "TRIBAN 500 SE"ROAD BIKE. 28 Tyres are possible??



I would like to buy the:



"TRIBAN 500”



Road bikes but I want to use with 700x28c tyres (exactly “Marathon Schwalbe 28”).



Does it have enough space???



PSmiley Very Happy: I have been looking information on the internet but depend of the forum the people say different opinio.




Thank you very much.

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Re: B'TWIN "TRIBAN 500" & "TRIBAN 500 SE"ROAD BIKE. 28 Tyres are possible?

The Schwalbe Marathons will not fit in the size 28c, they only just fit in a 25c. Some tyres can fit a 28c, usually the Vittoria as they measure up a tad small. Schwalbe, are usually on the bigger side.
B'Twin Product Expert, Decathlon Tamworth
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