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B'Twin 500 SE handlebar modification

Hello, I own the bike mentioned in the Subject and wondered how easy it is to swap out the traditional road-bike handlebars for flat bars? I notice there is a B'Twin 500 for sale with flat bars, but I'd rather save some money and install flat bars myself, any advice?

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Re: B'Twin 500 SE handlebar modification

Converting the road bars to flat isn't as difficult as you'd think.  The hardest part is knowing what your going to need to replace the original bars.  Bellow is a shopping list for you to look over.



8 speed shifter

Rear Mech


Brake Levers


I will have to check on the 3 speed shifter as there doesn't seem to be a matching one on the website.  This may have to be ordered through the workshop.


You may also want to change your stem to a shorter one as this will help with maneuverability.

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Re: B'Twin 500 SE handlebar modification

How did you go about changing this?


Look forward to hearing from you about this!

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