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Can anyone help me choose between 2 cycle helmets please


I have been trying to decide for ages which of 2 bike helmets I should buy, and wondered what your opinions are please?


I am a cyclist in my early 50's and I have both a road bike, and a mountain bike - I probably use my Road Bike more, and spend up to 2 or 3 hours on it sometimes. I am not particularly quick, but just enjoy cycling and discovering new places. 


I am trying to decide between a 500 or 900 cycle helmet. The reviews are very similar, and I like the look of both of them. They both seem to have good ventilation which is one of my main reasons for purchasing (I can get quite warm with my current cheapo helmet in the summer) but I don't know if the 900 is worth an extra tenner for me. It also looks a bit bigger than the other to me, is it too bulky looking?


Also, do they both come with clip on visors which aren't shown in the photos?


Lastly, I live 100 miles from the nearest store, so that isn't an option.

(guess I could order both and return one)


Many thanks

Sports Member

Re: Can anyone help me choose between 2 cycle helmets please

Erm, anyone? Please👍
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