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Extra Long Seat post

I recently bought a Hoptown 320, and whilst I love the bike, I find the seating position far too relaxed, even with the seat post at it's highest position.


Is it possible to fit an extra long, or even extendable seat post and crucially, where would I find one?


I've searched the internet and cannot find a 31.6mm seat post of the correct length anywhere Smiley Sad

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Re: Extra Long Seat post

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Re: Extra Long Seat post

Hi Mae, the seatpost diameter is correct but the length of both is far too short.


The current one on the Hoptown is approximately 500mm so I need a seatpost at least 50mm longer.



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Re: Extra Long Seat post


This is the code for a longer seatpost, 570mm in length. Price is £5.50 but there is no stock at the moment, contact your local store to see if they will place a customer order for you.
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Re: Extra Long Seat post

I have got the same problem. Please Did you find the Extra Long Seat post?

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