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Fitting SKS bluemels mudguards to Triban 540

I bought the Triban 540 last year and later bought the Bluemels 35mm Mudguards which I've just got around to fitting. I've enountered a slight problem fitting the front mudguard.


Since the front dual pivot brakes are held on with a recessed nut, there is nothing to attach the mudguard top bracket to at the rear of the fork crown. So I've tried putting the top bracket in front of the crown, sandwiched between brakes and the fork.


The trouble is that with the added thickness of the bracket, the recessed nut is only screwed in for a couple of turns, which doesn't seem enough. If I remove the thick serrated washer the nut will screw in far enough, but even when clamped up tight the brakes aren't held very firmly and will rotate against the forks without much force. It seems the serrated nut is necessary to stop that slippage (and probably another serrated is needed behind the mudguard bracket.


I'm not sure what the best thing to do here is.

- Will a longer recessed nut help? - I'm not sure where the recessed nut is actually seating and whether it is just the length of brake bolt thread that is protuding 'deep inside' the fork crown that is too short.

- Or should I use thin locking washers in place of the thick serrated washer? All the standard types of 'star toothed lock washer' seem a bit small on outside diameter to give a very solid mount for the brakes.

- Or is there some way of mounting the mudguard bracket to the rear of the fork crown, e.g. a 'sheldon fender nut' - although they look much too short.


Has anyone else solved this problem satisfactorily - what do Decathlon do when fitting these mudguards?


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