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Helmet in London

Hi all


I have just moved to London and am using my bike for my daily commute for work.


Coming from the North I have never really used a helmet before, but after seeing the levels of traffic I wondered how many others do. I'm not wanting to put myself at risk but I do like to have my hair looking pristine for when I get to work!


Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, as I'm not used to the roads. Are accidents a common occurance, do cars tend to give you a wide berth?


Look forward to hearing from you!


Re: Helmet in London

Hey @mcuckson - welcome to London!


So I am NOT a big cyclist myself, but I have a lot of colleagues who commute by bike. And to me, a helmet is a no-brainer.

Although never serious (thankfully), they have all already been in somesort of road accident, that could have been much MUCH worse if they hadn't had a helmet.


That being said, I know that there are a lot of initiatives being put in place by the City of London to facilitate cycling, including the "London Cycling Superhighway":


In short, I would say be safe rather than sorry!

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Re: Helmet in London

So I've been commuting to work in London for six years by bike and would definitely recommend getting a helmet.  I came off once last year and hit my head pretty hard on the road.  Luckily there wasn't a car involved but still I dread to think of the injuries I would have sustained without my helmet!

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Re: Helmet in London

Hi mcuckson,


If you are ever riding (period) I would always recommend a helmet, otherwise you are "playing with fire". Having been a cyclist for many years, a motorcyclistm, and having a father as a paramedic and a Mum as a nurse I've seen first hand and heard all manor of horror stories.


Which is better getting to work with "pristine hair" or arriving to work cause you're still alive?!


I would urge you to get a helmet now and take some hair wax/gel in your bag with you...




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Re: Helmet in London

@MyRoadStoryUK and @mcuckson


I ride to work with my helmet, then do my hair at work. Means I stay safe on the road and my hair is good for work.


Share with us your ride to work!

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Re: Helmet in London

I always ride with a helmet on.  I carry gel and a brush in my backpack for when i get to work. 


You dont have to have the most expensive helmet on the market but, from personal experience, you should always wear one.



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Re: Helmet in London

Thanks for your help guys!


Helmet duly purchased... Hopefully I won't have need of it but you never know.

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Re: Helmet in London

Well it will keep your head dry (for the most part) and will encourage other road cyclists to think twice about getting one.



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