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Seat post slipping

I have a Rockrider 540 bought a couple of years ago - I love it.


However, I have a problem that the seat post keeps slipping and by the end of a bumpy ride my knees are nearly up my nose.


I've tried tightening it, cleaning it, greasing it, carbon paste - I even stopped riding it for about a year and went back to a touring bike.  I'm now back on the mountain bike as my commute is much nicer through the woods than it is down the road but the seat post slipping is driving me insane.


If I set it to 4 (it has a nice scale on the back of the post) then it generally stays put although I do have to tighten it up with an allen key - however if I set it to 2 (which is the height I need) then it slips down.


I was told by a bike mechanic (not decathlon) who said he thinks it's a manufacturing problem and that no matter how much I tighten it, he thinks it'll slip (which has been my experience so far).


Has anyone else had this problem?



Sports Member

Re: Seat post slipping

Hi Steve,


I have the same problem with my folding bike Tilt 500 Smiley Sad .

Did you manage to fix it? This is driving me insane. I feel like I will not touch the bike anymore if I don't find a solution asap.
I use the bike to commute to work but I have to tighten the seat at each red light. Never had this problem with any of my Decathlon bikes in the past, I'm quite disapointed.



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Re: Seat post slipping

Have you tried putting a tube on seat stem , the height you want . And then tighten stem

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