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Setting Up A New Btwin RR 520

Hi All,


I am a proud owner of a new Btwin RR 520 ( arrived this morning ). I plan to go out for my first ride tomorrow and was wondering what safety checks I should make on the bike before riding , is there a checklist. It will just be road riding for a few weeks till I get my fitness levels up. Could anyone also reccomend an on the road maintenance kit I should get , is something like this suitable Repair Kit or is this too cheap and nasty.



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Re: Setting Up A New Btwin RR 520

Hi @SaladDodger.


Firstly let me appologise for the time its taken for a response.


Your basic pre ride check should be.........


Tyre preassure




As for what you should take with you on your rides....


at least 2 spare tubes

tyre levers

multi tool (anything that has 4/5/6mm allen keys and a cross head screwdriver will do)


master link for the chain (make sure you get one thats the same speed as your chain)

chain tool

something to drink


a fully charged mobile with credit on it.


Thats pretty much your basic setup.


Enjoy your rides.

a fully charged mobile phone


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