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Triban 500 SE vs "new" Triban 500 ( 300 vs 330 price wise)

Hi There


I have been researching this for hours and cannot find the answer.

Basically can someone tell me the fundamental differences betweent the the "old" 500 SE and the new 2017 500 bike?


I understand that the 500 has a "new" Carbon Fork and different tires but is there any substantial differneces?


Which one is better?


That being said, the 30 quid difference is not even a consideration but I want to make sure that I get the best value/bike for the money as it will be my first road bike (and Sometimes the older bikes have better components compared ot the new ones from what I have read).


Referring to the two products:


Thank you for any input.




Sports Member

Re: Triban 500 SE vs "new" Triban 500 ( 300 vs 330 price wise)

Looking online I've not been able to see much of a difference, going in store however I think the Triban 500 has wider forks and rear stays.  I would recommend going to a store and riding both bikes.  You may find that the feel of one bike is preferrential to the other, before making a commitment to buy.

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