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Triban 500 SE



I am looking at doing a charity bike ride next year covering 180 miles in 2 days. I currently have a Hybrid and only ride about once a week. I have a budget of £300-£400 for a road bike and wondered whether the Triban 500 SE would be suitable?


Many thanks

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Re: Triban 500 SE

Hi Steve,

The Triban 500SE is a great bike. I have one and have never had any complains. I've not quite reached distances of 180 miles over 2 days but used it all summer last year and a few rides this year and it's never let me down, nothing has ever gone wrong.

Having said that, the 520 at £450 is really nice if you can afford the difference. The drivetrain is smoother and the wheels are much better for eating up big miles.


Either way both are award winning bikes so you can't go wrong with either!

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Re: Triban 500 SE

Thanks for the advice.


Ive actually ridden the 520 and 540 around the shop today and they both seem nice to ride.


At £499 the 540 seems better value, so if my budget can stretch that far it may be one of these two rather than the 500. The assistant made a good point that if I am doing quite a long ride, I will need to do the training for it so a better quality bike might be the best decision in the long run as it will probably rack up quite a few miles.

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Re: Triban 500 SE

Where will you be undertaking the Charity Bike ride?


Will it be your first?



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Re: Triban 500 SE

Looking to do the Men United London to Amsterdam, 145 miles over 2 days. Ive never cycled more than 15 miles, so a lot of training is needed, a bit daunting at 57 years old.


Ive just purchased the Triban 540 after reading all the reviews, and it seems like a decent bike.

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