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Triban 540 Size

Wonder if anyone can help... want to pick up a Triban 540 for overseas holiday trip


I looked on UK sizing and it says that for a 6ft 188cm it should be  size L but when I go on the Spanish or French sites it says over 186 it should be a XL... can anyone explain why two difference on decathlon? are uk or EU sizing different on this bike )..thx


L1821906'6' 3"
XL1902006' 3"6' 7



Sure there is some logic to this but I cant see the logiic !



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Re: Triban 540 Size




I've just bought the 520 in L.


I'm 6" and and the XL was all out of stock (seems to have been forever). Based on the UK size guide, I though the L would be ok. 


However now I've got it I would say it's too small. I've raised the saddle alot, but the handlebars are too low at their highest point.


I might get used to it, but if I was to buy it again, I would definately get the XL frame.





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