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Triban 560 vs Ultra 900 AF

I currently commute 26m a day on flatish raods with a 2005 fuji track fixed ger bike   (42x16 so 79GI) and am thinking about a bike with gear.  Cruising speed is about 18-22mph.

Im interesting in a bicycle with gearing for some longer rides I have planned to help me tackle hills. 


Can anyone comment on how these bikes compare?  On paper they weight almost the same and the AF has better brakes and groupset and a longer frame warranty so I am leaning towards that.

On my current bike ride 25c tires and am happy with them but would like to be able to perhaps get 28c or even 30c on a bike.


Maybe a slightly more relaxed geometry than the fuji also - are there details of the Btwin bycycles geometry that make it easy to compare them side by side?

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