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What size frame should I go for on a Ultra AF900

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I am looking to buy the Ultra AF900. I am a 5.3 (1.60m) female with 74 cm in seam. I have done lots of mountain biking but I am quite new to road biking ; although already hooked.

I tried a small frame in Crawley but whilst the frame was fine for my legs, the Decathlon bike specialist felt it may be a bit too long for my arms.

Today I went to Southampton to try out XS small frame only to discover the store had neither S nor XS in that range. In fact it had no XS in any range.

Should I go for a XS frame with the standard stem or go with a small bike and fit a smaller stem?


I also would like to voice my frustration at seeing such a poor selection aimed at small riders. I am a big fan of Decathlon but could Decathlon acknowledge that some riders are under 5.4. It would be great to have suitable equipment to try and would greatly speed the buying process.

Thank you for your reply.


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