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Decathlon threaded dumbells - design change means collars don't work?

I currently have several dumbell bars and barbells from Decathlon over time.

They all until now appear to happily use the same threaded collars.

I recently purchased another pair of collars from the Coventry store, however only one collar from the pair will do up on any of the Decathlon bars.

Looking at the collars, it is clear that they have opposing threads, whereas the bars require the same thread.

I therefore ordered another pair online as the store is a good distance away, in the hope that this was a one of issue.

The online ordered pair have the same thread as each other, and the same as the previously purchased collar that didn't work.

None of the three will go onto the existing Decathlon bars that I have.

Has the design of the bars been changed?

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Re: Decathlon threaded dumbells - design change means collars don't work?

Thank you for your feedback and glad you were enjoying your dumbell bars and barbells bar so far.
Decathlon sells only one type of collars ( and are only suitable for Domyos threaded bars.
Your bars are from Decathlon, but are they from the Domyos brand?
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