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Extreme quadriceps starting pain after 3-4 rest days

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I have had a strange experience this week. I have been following my base training program for about 10 weeks with riding everyday including recovery rides etc.Then for different reasons I had to take 4 days of from riding over the weekend. Then on Monday 20 minutes into my warm-up, I got extremely sore muscles in my left quadriceps. I had to stop, it was so painful.

Tuesday morning i tried to mount my bike again, but after 5 minutes, I got this extreme pain again and had to stop. Later I visited the chiropractor who thought it was a trapped nerve in the back, but she couldn't find anything, and it had no effect.

Wednesday morning I tried again, but same story. I couldn't even bike to work, which takes 5 minutes. I consulted my doctor who said it was over training, and that I should take 14 days off. I was/am a little skeptical because I have never heard of over training bringing on such severe pain. And I haven't experienced any of the symptoms related to it.

The pain is hard to describe but feel like acid in the legs that burn, and it doesn't go away. Here 24 hours after my short ride to the doctor, my legs are still sore. The pain only comes on when I bike or walk down the stairs, not up.

By accident I found this thread on a danish forum, translated into English here, and the OP basically explains the exact same story. Same symptoms with walking on stairs only biking a few km's etc. it reveals that quite a few people have experienced the same problems, without ever getting a proper diagnoseEveryone describes how this has started after a few days of rest due to traveling and so on.Anybody experienced anything like it, or can explain what might cause it. I can not find anything on the english-speaking web.


Please help.


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