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Frescobol / Frescoball Getting Started.

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Fresco-Ball : A beach racket sport that can be played almost anywhere.


Although we are miles away from the beach in London, the great thing about London is that they are many Parks all around.

Frescobol is a simple, yet fun sport that is a great way to exercise.

You can play it almost anywhere.

Simple dimple, easy peasy . ... Two wooden Rackets and one rubber ball.

Two people working together trying to keep the ball in the air for as long as possible.


If you want to know more reply to this message and  soon you will know all you need to know about frescobol.

The good news is that Decathlon stores sell an affordable ARTENGO FRESCOBOL starter set of two rackets and one  ball for under £10    

So you will not break the bank and you can start to play this fun sport.


Good luck with your active lifestyle

Smiley Happy


decthlon rackets.jpgGet your Frescobol rackets in the store.

1461411_10202800875410974_460363604_n.jpgLet us go...


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Re: Frescobol / Frescoball Getting Started.

Fresco-Ball looks like a fun sport to enjoy, Spring is pretty much here and this is a great way to enjoy the weather when the sun decides to shine. 

That is an awesome photo by the way, this is definetly a sport I want to try!

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Re: Frescobol / Frescoball Getting Started.

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Yes indeed. It is a great sport for all. You are welcome to TRY.

We play at many Parks around London.

Practice now in London and when you go on your beach holiday you will play like a pro.


Pop into your local Decathlon store and get yourself a set of Frescobol Rackets. They are very cheap to buy. As cheap as two pints of beer.  Join us at Clapham Common Park  and try your skill. One day you never know you may see us playing in the DECATHLON CARPARK.   Smiley Happy



12193548_10153337577193022_2721668741647028072_n.jpgGet ready for the beach.12509787_10153239356361254_1267859630218482445_n.jpgWe went to visit the Queen.12821414_918312044949319_1421077531504272151_n.jpgEven in Japan they play Frescoball


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