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Going to the gym at night?



I've recently decided that I should stop going to the bar every night. I do it because I'm bored for a couple hours before I go to bed, but all I accomplish is getting wasted every night, spending a lot of money, and feeling like crap every morning.Then, it hit me like a case of Jim Beam to the head. Why not go to the gym instead of going to the bar? They take about the same amount of time (a couple hours if you count showering and getting ready for bed), and I would save probably $150 a week. Not to mention the benefits of working out instead of getting drunk. And it would allow me to save my bargoing (and money) for the weekends, when it's more fun anyway.So, long story short: working out at night. What're your experiences? I'm a member of one of those 24-hour gyms with the little electronic key. Working out tires a person out, getting them ready for sleep, right?


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