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How to use my mass gainer ?

Hi There,


I just bought the Aptonio Mass gainer 5 and it sais on the back o the box that I have to take 3 times a day on days that I practice.

Now , what do they understand by 'days that I practice' ? Does it mean that if I'm doing a session in the evening, I have to still take one in the morning & one for lunch as well ?


Thanks for your help Community




Re: How to use my mass gainer ?

Hello Chamulecool,


My advice to you is to take the mass gainer 3 times on the days that you lift weights. Take one in the morning with breakfast, one after your workout and one in the evening before bed.


For non-workout days (or cardio days), its not necessary to take 3 servings, although if you really want to gain weight I recommend taking at least one serving on those days. Also, be sure to keep protein intake high on all days so that your weight gain is more towards muscle than fat Smiley Happy


Hopefully this answers your question?


Good luck!




Re: How to use my mass gainer ?

Hi AndyL,


Thanks for your answer.


What do you mean exactly by keeping protein intake high ? Which product would you recommend ?


Thanks a lot,




Re: How to use my mass gainer ?

Hi Chamulecool,


Keeping protein intake high generally means that you need a high protein intake everyday, not just the days you are training. This will optimise the building and recovery process.


I recommend to aim for between 1.5 and 2g of protein per kg of bodyweight, per day. So if you weight 70kgs you would need to consume between 105 and 140 grams of protein per day. 


You can get this primarily from whole foods (chicken, beef, pork, eggs, fish etc). But if you have difficulty eating that much meat you can supplement.


A whey protein supplement is based (just protein without everything else you get with a mass gainer). Best options are Aptonia Whey protein 3 or 9, depending on the quality you want.


Whey 9 is higher quality whey isolate. Whey 3 is slightly lower quality whey concentrate. Your preference will depend on what you are willing to spend, and on your tolerance to lactose (isolate is better is you struggle with lactose).


There are also some other brands available in store which have an excellent reputation. Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey is one I have used myself and is excellent.


Hope this helps.



Re: How to use my mass gainer ?

Thank you for this information Andy.
Really helpfull !

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