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Welcome from AndyL, Fitness Community Leader

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Hi All,


Welcome to the Decathlon Fitness Community discussion boards. 


My name is AndyL and I will be leading and managing the discussion around all things fitness!. I have been passionate about fitness, strength and nutrition for over 15 years. I have dabbled in many different aspects of fitness, specialising in the basic lifts, and I have also coached and provided nutritional advice in an unofficial capacity.


At Decathlon we have a team of people in our various stores around the country who are passionate about various aspects of fitness, and also have expertise on our Domyos products. They will all be willing to jump in and help if they can.


Please feel free to get involved in any of the discussions, or post a question or topic of your own! Any question about fitness, health or nutrition is welcome.


We will be sure to try and answer your questions or concerns as quickly as possible.


Welcome to the discussion!

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