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What is the best mat for HIIT Workouts

Hi I teach a range of exercise and would like to buy good quality mats. I teach Metafit a version of HIIT and therefore would like the mats to be suitable for high impact plyometric exercises. I need a denser mat than a yoga mat but the problem is the only mats that actually say they are suitable for this are about £70 on Amazon. These are dense rather the cushioned mats. I've been looking at the Decathlon Club Mat which is dense and am not sure if it is suitable or not, any advice appreciated. All info seems to be divided between whether that mat should be cushioned or dense. I am officially

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Re: What is the best mat for HIIT Workouts

Hi @MelFitness


Here at Decathlon Coventry we have a wide range of mats. The ones suitable for the training that will be done(HIIT and Plyometrics) are:


Domyos Club mat 10.99 that has a 10mm thickness so is suitable for absorbing the impact, cushioning and to make exercises comfortable.


However, the more suitable mat that you should go for is slightly more expensive. It is 17.99 COMFORT MAT 500 GREY. It has a greater thickness at 15mm with a slight better grip so more impact is absorbed.


Hope this helps.

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