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Decathlon Employee

How do I build my pre-shot routine?

Hi Golfers!!

I was wondering if you all know the importance of having a routine before and after hitting the ball. If you already have one, how did you build your routine? Did you feel the difference between having one or not having it?

Decathlon Employee

Re: How do I build my pre-shot routine?

Probably the best lesson I ever had involved building a routine. G.A.S.P - Grip, aim, stance and posture are all things that need to be in the correct place before you hit a golf shot. Too many amateurs try to do everything at once and end up achieving nothing. Every shot I play I try to go through this process in my head one step at a time. It is like a mental checklist that allows me to feel like I am in position to hit a great shot. Whatever your routine, it should be repeaeble and give you confidence before you make a swing.

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