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Decathlon Merino Baselayers.

I have both a winter 190 and summer 155 weight merino baselayer from Decathlon. They are really good and compare favourably with the leading brands of merino at much lower prices.

However, the stores see these as part of Skiwear for the winter ones, (often only one of the range in stock) and only have a few summer ones. They should be stocked all year and promoted as hiking gear.

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Re: Decathlon Merino Baselayers.

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The techwool 155 are a merino mix LS T-shirt  I use these all year round for hiking and mountain biking can't be beaten and I think they are always available 

Decathlon Employee

Re: Decathlon Merino Baselayers.

Hi @Danman


The techwool 190 is indeed mostly stocked in store during winter as it is heavier than the techwool 155 but some stores may chose to stock it all year round, this is dependant on your local Decathlon store.

They are however available to buy online from the Decathlon website (Techwool 190).


Hope this helps

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Re: Decathlon Merino Baselayers.

The 155 merino baselayer I was referring to was NOT the long-sleeve one with a crew or v neck but the shortsleeve one with mesh venting and a front zip. This is superb and appears discontinued.

There was also a Merino Polo top the year before!.

These are the sort of products that Decathlon should promote and sell; as this will give them a good niche in the Hiking clothing market.

For some reason they discontinue good lines? The current 155 t-shirts have no technical features for serious hikers!

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Re: Decathlon Merino Baselayers.

Not sure if this is the right thread but I wanted to ask a question on the techwool baselayer. I agree that merino wool the best base layer material but was wondering how Decathlon can afford to offer merino wool at such a competitive price point? 


Is there a difference in the sourcing of this wool compared to the other brands (icebreaker and smartwool come to mind) that explains the difference or is it just a different business model? 


Thanks in advance for any answers or if im in the wrong place to ask it then any redirection would also be good.



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