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Carp Rods and Reels

I picked up 2 of the new carp rods and reels 4 weeks ago and have been testing them out. As I am a full time angler and fishing coach it gives me a great opportunity to really put them through their paces.

I have to say, I have been very impressed, especilly with the rods. I got the 3lb tc version and expected them to be fairly stiff, but they have a lovely progressive action with loads of backbone when required.

They are not a distance rod by any means, but with the baitrunner reels loaded with 12lb line I am consistently putting a 3oz lead over 100 metres. They also cast very accurately, allowing me to cast into holes through brnches to lnd under trees without too many problems.

They are a lot stronger than a lot of other rods on the market costing far, far more (as I have found out several times recently!!!!)


I am using 2 for coaching on a daily basis and have been so impressed with them that I am getting 4 more.


The reels are also very good value for money. They do what it says on the tin. Baitrunner works fine, though the gearing doesn't always engage. Though that only needs you to turn the handle a fraction for it to click in place and hasn't been an issue. The drag is smooth and progressive, line lay is pretty good too. The hndles aren't on infinite anti back lash so there is a tiny amount of movement when you set them up. It is only  tiny amount of movement and you hardly notice it to be honest.


This week the gear has had a proper work out, coaching at Benfleet over the weekend where over 30 carp were landed on these rods and reels. This week we hve had carp of 26lb12oz, 26lb2oz, 24lb, 22lb10oz and 21lb5oz plus lots of doubles. The rods are lovely to play fish on and the reels smoothness makes playing them nice and easy too.

Thoroughly recommended

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Re: Carp Rods and Reels

Welcome on the Community @nickwatkins !
I am so happy you enjoyed your new carps rods and reel! Would you have some pictures to share with us? Smiley Happy
What did your anglers in training thought about it?
Thanks for your feedback! Have a lovely day,
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Re: Carp Rods and Reels

Hi Mae


The students loved them, thought they were great.


I have a few pictures I can share, I am not allowed to use pictures of some of my students i'm afraid.

I have just tried loading some but the files are too big. I will try to adjust them and add them later. 



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Re: Carp Rods and Reels

Really happy to read that! Have you tried other fishing equipment from Decathlon and Caperlan ?


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