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Past Product

I'm trying to find a product I bought in 2005 at Decathlon in Shanghai...I know I'm in the UK forum....aha...
It was a scooter for children. it had a blue oval textured grip print thing on the base where you stand, and in the oval, it had "S300" or "S500," or something written in white in it. The handle bar grips were also blue. The wheels were blue, but translucent, only the "core" (pardon my ignorance) of the wheels were solid. They had white text on the rims, like car wheels..racing ones? the scooter itself was grey-white-silverish, metalish color. The scooter came with a blue sash-thing, which could hook the scooter to something. (Ihooked my friend's to her bike) the handles could be retracted towards the middle of the handle bar, with the pushing-in of the little rounded button-bolt things that held them in place, and then they would hand vertically, by black string-like connectors. The height of the scooter was adjusted similarly. the "neck" part of the scooter had a sticker of the S300 or whatnot too. Please help me find this product. I have yet to fall in love with another scooter like I fell in love with this one, sadly my dad sold it when we moved, without me knowing. I keep thinking about it these days, while I scooter around campus.

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Re: Past Product

Sounds very similar to this: http://www.decathlon.co.uk/mid-3-kids-scooter-black-blue-id_8158093.html

Just an older version....
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Re: Past Product

Smiley Surprised oo shucks. I'll try asking oxelo which one it was, ...and..just maybe...I'll be able to find one. :'D

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