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Urban Scooter



I am looking for an urban scooter for commuting from bus stop to uni (about 2 miles one way). I will be an entirely new scooter(er) and am somewhat overwhelmed by the choices out there. Having looked at all the different brands ( I never imagined there would be so many; I envisaged a somewhat unsturdy child's scooter being repurposed for my own needs) I believe I have narrowed it down to the following options;


The Oxelo Easy fold 7

The Oxelo Easy fold 9   - both of the these I like for the trolley mode - I don't know about how long I'd be able to manage carrying a heavy scooter for a prolonged periods.  I also like the wide footplate for comfort on a long ride. Having to 'hover; a foot may not be feasible. However, I am concerned as some reviews I have read said they rattle a bit. Also,  does the suspension in Oxelo 9 make much difference?

The Razor A5 Lux - I like the lightness of it but was concerned about the sturdiness.


In a scooter I am really looking for something with a nice glide, whereby I don't have to dig too hard to push off (I'm fairly short, with a somewhat dodgy hip) but am looking for exercise too. Any help or advice would be gratefully appreciated.


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Re: Urban Scooter

Hey @robasnett & @Craig, I know you are cycling specialists and not scooters, but would you have anything that might help @Roadrunner ? or know someone who does ?
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Re: Urban Scooter

Hi Roadrunner,


I commute everyday with the Town9 and no doubt, it make the difference . The front suspension increase a lot the confort and you will feel a lot more secure with the hand brake.

If you are close to a Decathlon store , the team will be happy to rent you 48h for free a Town 9 .


Don't hesitate to have a try and let us know how it was 

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Re: Urban Scooter

Thank you for your response.  The suspension and handbrake sound ideal.


I had no idea I'd be able to try one out. Will definetely try and take advantage of that in the next couple of weeks.


Thanks again.

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