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Urban or Freestyle?

Is it more appealing to do Urban scootering or freestyle scootering as an adult?

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Re: Urban or Freestyle?

Freestyle is such a teenage thing in my opinion... but there are some that are 18 till they die...

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Re: Urban or Freestyle?

Hi Kieran O.


I've been loving my Oxelo Town 7 I purchased from Decathlon UK to assit in shortening my morning commute times.


I've since renamed it the Commooter Smiley Wink

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Re: Urban or Freestyle?

Hi @KL,


I'm a women and even though Decathlon freestyle range scooters are so colourful, I still prefer urban adult scooter! It gives the stability, takes 2 sec to fold or unfold if travelling on the train, is well designed and just works great! The only thing, I would love if it would have more accessories to choose but overall, recommend adult scooters! 


I already have 2 - Town 9(White) and Town 7(Green) and choose different depending on occasion or my mood. If any fellow ladies need help to decide, feel free to ask Smiley Wink



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Re: Urban or Freestyle?

[ Edited ]

Urban for the win.  Whether im popping to London on the train or just down to the local shops, I always have my Town 9 with me.


The larger wheels smooth out most of the bumps making it so much nicer to ride than a Freestyle Scooter.

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