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Schedule changing problem



When I change my schedule under the schedule page it all appears to be fine. But when I go to my training page and see my upcoming training it is not always removing the races I removed even though I am not competing in them, but my training graph is showing that I am racing these races therefore destroying my plan for peak fitness at certain there something I am missing to update a schedule change for the training page?
I am on my 4th season making good progression yet this issue is becoming more and more of a problem against the CWT riders, I could get away with the not so great fitness as some races when I was mainly on continental schedule but not now. And I don't think I need to detail what this is doing to my tiredness for the season.

b. I also had a national championship race that I finished fourth in, when I hit the view results page after the race it said I had "withdrawn", known issue at all?

c. I also had one race that kept crashing as soon as I started it and like I saw in another thread I just restarted the game and hit quick simulation and it worked ok after that and I have not had the problem again.

I have had the occasional crash but nothing I can't live with as I thoroughly enjoy the game and hope the stability bugs will be worked out in time.


Please help.


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