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KL has earned 20 badges!
  • Character
    Earned by 5
    You have received 15 medals. Sport lovers trust you, congratulations ! A few more and you will be considered as a Sports personality.
  • Enthusiast
    Earned by 5
    WOW, you granted 15 medals! Are you getting addicted to the community ?
  • FINE !
    FINE !
    Earned by 10
    Well done you have posted 5 pictures to the community. Look you have earned your first racket.
  • Figure
    Earned by 14
    You have received 5 medals for posting content. The Sports Hub is your new home !
  • First medal given
    First medal given
    Earned by 88
    You have given your first medal ! Thank you, one member must appreciate your support.
  • First medal received
    First medal received
    Earned by 78
    You have received your first award. Congratulations someone appreciates your contribution !
  • First picture uploaded
    First picture uploaded
    Earned by 106
    You posted your first picture on the community. Keep posting the in hub !
  • First reply
    First reply
    Earned by 238
    First reply on the community. We are looking forward to your next reply. Thanks for your contribution.
  • First tag
    First tag
    Earned by 98
    Well done you have done your first tagging experience. Keep tagging and helping other sport fans to find the right content.
  • First topic
    First topic
    Earned by 516
    You have posted your first content to the community. You are now an active member of the sports hub.
  • Follower
    Earned by 6
    Great you have given 10 medals! Keep distributing if you want to find more content on the community.
  • GOOD !
    GOOD !
    Earned by 3
    Congratulations you have uploaded 10 pictures on the community. Do you feel a comfortable hub member now ?
  • Hobby poster
    Hobby poster
    Earned by 2
    Well done, you have started 10 topics ! Posts are an added value for everybody, so keep posting !
  • Olympic Torch
    Olympic Torch
    Earned by 1
    You have posted 40 times, given 10 kudos and received 10 on your sport hub. Congratulations !
  • Post enthusiast
    Post enthusiast
    Earned by 6
    You have added 5 new topics to the community. Posting keeps you healthy ! Keep sharing with us.
  • Walker
    Earned by 8
    You have posted 10 replies. Thank you, your replies are really valuable.
  • Tagger
    Earned by 6
    Thank you for having tagged 15 of your contents. Your sports hub wants you to become a graffiti artist, keep tagging.
  • Starting line
    Starting line
    Earned by 15
    Thanks, you have posted 5 replies in the community. Keep training to evolve as a walker.
  • Stamp it
    Stamp it
    Earned by 27
    Congratulations for having tagged 5 of your contents. We appreciate your involvement in the community.
  • Sport player
    Sport player
    Earned by 7
    Congratulations for having reached one of the hidden badges. Awarded for having uploaded 3 pictures, and received 5 medals.